9th Annual Malibu Invitational Benefiting Lyon Herron

Lyon Herron

It is undeniable that Lyon’s optimistic outlook and genuine love of life is contagious to all those around him. At the tender age of four he was diagnosed with Gardner’s Syndrome, a rare genetic abnormality that causes tumors. With the support of his family and help from the community he has survived more than 20 surgeries with an unwavering smile on his face. He has made a conscious choice to live and fights everyday against a disease with no cure. Lyon has tried conventional western medicine in America and in Europe, along with alternative holistic and spiritual practices in Brazil. The stem cell treatments in Europe gave him four years in remission. He and his family have learned the importance of small victories and cherishing every moment that life throws at them. Lyon is truly an inspiration and beacon of light in lives of those he has touched.

Results :


1. Michael Dunphy

2. Killian Garland

3. Nathaniel Curran

4. Jake Davis


1. Donald Day

2. Ricky Schaffer

3. Strider Wasilewski

4. Donny Wilson


1. Donald Krafft

2. Toby Lamm

3. Scott Lewis

4. Dwight Strayer

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