Hurley’s “Rip My Shred Stick” Spyder Surfboards Hermosa Beach

Sunday 5.19.13…

Hurley teamed up with Spyder Surf to do their annual “Rip my Shred Stick” event on the North Side of the Hermosa Beach pier. Over 50+ kids came down to participate in the days fun. Rip my shred stick isn’t your normal surf contest, in fact a majority of the competitors are beginning or first time surfers! We had seasoned pros Dane Zaun, Brad Ettinger, and Rachel Tilly there to help out and get the kids up and riding on the waves. Headstands, Tandem Riding and Flipping dismounts are all encouraged and help your over-all score. Lunch, drinks, and Snacks were catered by Whole Foods. The days games included Surf Trivia, Sand Castle Contests, Wheel Barrel Walking Contests, Freestyle Watch Ring Tosses, and a race to see who could get the most sand on them after jumping in the water. After the days festivities at the beach were over, we headed up to Spyder Boards On Pacific Coast highway. We had  a full days recap of the contest with photos on a big screen while listening to music and enjoying some burritos from Chipotle.

For more info on the “Rip my Shred Stick” events and dates go HERE




Big thanks to all of the sponsors for this event:








Whole Foods

INT Surfboards



Roberts Surfboards

Rivera Paddle




T. Patterson Surfboards

Surf Rx

Captain Fin Co.

Transworld Surf

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